At Conner Tax and Services our main mission is to help Independent Tax Preparers all across our great nation to grow their business and take back market share.


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With CTS Tax Pro Software Solutions, there are NO heavy franchise

fees and we do NOT keep a percentage of your tax

preparation fees for qualified EROs. We will even show you how to

earn ADDITIONAL revenue from add-ons.



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Whether you are wanting to jump into the ever growing tax preparation business,

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CTS Tax Pro Software Solutions is here to help.


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CTS Tax Pro Tax Software Solutions Will Provide You With The Necessary Tools And Assistance To Facilitate The Operation Of Your Business. We Offer An Array Of Different Options And Programs To Fit Your Future Or Current Tax Business Needs. We Are Here To Help You Grow And Make Money. We Have Developed An Excellent Turnkey Tax Business Program For Newbies And Veterans Alike To Ensure Success In This Industry. As An  Independent Partner, You Will Work Directly With Us Under One Of Our EFIN’s As One Of Our Sub-Office Locations While Maintaining Your Own Business Identity. *Background Check Required, Other Restrictions May Apply*






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