If you ever dreamed of owning your own tax business, our tax business is right for you!             

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Our specialty is providing the hands-on, careful & direct mentorship that separates the normal (underachieving) tax preparer from the 6-figure earning TaxPro!




Benefits include:

•Guaranteed Clients
•Weekly Marketing Classes
•7 Day-a-Week Mentorship Hotline



Benefits Include:
•Proprietary Software that (we mention here what makes us better!!)
•Signature Marketing Techniques That Will Skyrocket Your Client Base
•Infrastructure Expansion System





EFIN Assistance Program (Recommended 2-5 Years Of Tax Industry Experience)


Our CTS Tax Pro Software Packages are designed for tax preparers who have not obtained their own EFIN. If you are new to the tax business, branching off to start your own or looking to expand your current tax business, Conner Tax and Services these are great memberships programs. We offer 70/30, 80/20, 85/15 and 90/10 splits in favor of the partner with no EFIN required. To learn More Info

*EFIN holders receive 100% of their tax preparation fees.



We are always looking to subcontract with tax professionals who want to become tax business owners and who want to earn a great income from home or in their office. Our EFIN assistance program offers an affordable opportunity for an affiliate to enter the tax industry and own their own tax business. Each individual under the EFIN Assistance Program will be considered "Tax Preparer Partner". We extend to the partners our years of experience, our dedicated support network, and tools to help you meet your goals. Our mission is to deliver excellent customer service experience to our partners and to offer knowledgeable advice so our tax professionasls can make informed decisions regarding their clients taxes all while helping them succeed as a tax business owner.   



The partner serves as liaison between CTS and the client. In return, Conner Tax and Services, LLC is the affiliates' EFIN provider. As a partner you become an authorized tax business owner preparing tax files from documents provided by the clients you recruit. Tax files are reviewed by Conner Tax and Services for errors and resolution before transmission to the IRS by electronic filing. If needed, we will help you with completion of your customers tax returns from start to finish which is a plus for someone looking to start their own tax service business.  


Our Packages Include:

  • Tax Office SetUp
  • Tax Office Procedures
  • Tax Business Planning
  • Professional Tax Software & Training
  • Bank Products
  • Income Tax Training (Basic & Advanced)
  • Tech and Tax Support 
  • Start Your Own Tax Business
  • *Tax Business Development Training

Many of our members are former employees of H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, smaller tax firms, or home-based looking to start their own tax preparation business. Starting a tax preparation business has never been easier!



Am I able to start a tax business with NO experience?
Yes. You can start a tax business with no accounting background or tax preparation experience. Our turnkey system is designed to give you the TAX BUSINESS IN A BOX effect. All you need is a laptop, internet connection, and a desire to help others do what they are going to do anyway!



Our membership packages begin at $399 to come onboard and begin utilizing our training systems and tax software. Upgraded packages are available per business expansion and tax preparer experience. (Contact a representative for details)


How long is training?
Income Tax Training is six (6) weeks and is self paced. Online classes can accessed using a computer anywhere with an internet connection.Training modules are accessible for one year from registration date. Tax Business Development Training are scheduled and are online and self paced.

What other benefits are there to starting a tax business
-You can offer your customers loans until their tax return is funded!
-You can offer them debit cards that can be used as a source of banking!
-You can offer them checks for convenience!
-You are able to show them that you are a financial services representative 

Can I operate from home?
You have the ability to prepare returns from home, your clients home or workplace, coffee shop, etc. 

How much money can I make?
We have put together a marketing system that will GUARANTEE that you make at least $20,000- $100,00 in ONE tax season when executed properly.


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