Client Tax Forms

Client Checklist, Organizers and Forms


ALL INDIVIDUAL TAXPAYERSComplete, save and upload to our secure client portal:


Individual Tax Preparation Checklist - is a summarized list designed to help you gather the tax information needed to prepare your personal income tax return.

Individual Client Income Tax Organizer - is a more detailed chedklist including a questionaire that asks about relevant tax items necessary for preapring your individual tax return accurately.

Itemized Deductions

Schedule A Itemized Deductions


SELF-EMPLOYED, SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS OR INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS Complete, save & upload to our secure client portal:

  • Business Expense Organizer - Please provide a Business Organizer for each indivdual activity. 

Beauty Salon & Spa Owners                                                                Rental Property

Carpenters                                                                                            Retail Sales

Carpet & Floor Installation                                                                   Teachers

Janitorial                                                                                               Truck Driver

DayCare Providers                                                                               Schedule C Worksheet

General Construction


Nurse & Medical Professional

General Purpose



E-Signature Forms

Authorizarion of Release of Tax Return Information

Payment Authorization Form

Individual Tax Engagement Letter

Individual Tax Questionaire

Business Tax Engagement Letter

Business Tax Questionaire


When you have compiled all your tax information:

1. Scan your completed Client Organizer to your computer or phone

2. Login into your secure client portal or mobile app

3. Upload documents into the designed file you or your tax professional has created.


Thank you for the opprotunity to serve you.

Note: You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to print the Checklist and Organizer documents.